How to move a piano

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How to move a piano

How to move a piano

Before moving a piano, it’s important to have knowledge and experience in moving the particular model or type you’re dealing with.

Models range in weight and size from relatively small uprights starting at 150kg to much larger and heavier grand pianos. The job of moving even a small piano is one for a team of people and shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

The next thing is to determine the path with the easiest access. The plan should be communicated to everyone involved in the move so that everyone’s on the same page.

We cover every piano we move, in custom made blankets. This prevents scuffing or chipping to the the piano and the walls and doors of your home or premises.

The final step is to move the piano safely to the truck, ready to be lifted up by our hydraulic tail lift and securely strapped in.

How to move a pool table

The proper way to move a pool table is to take it apart.

Some people try to move the full piece through doorways and upstairs without disassembling it, but that can be dangerous for you and the pool table.

Everything that you remove needs to be labelled and catalogued so that putting it back together is a simple process.

Next, the slate needs to come off. If it is all in one piece, the slate could weigh upwards of 400kgs, which is why it’s best left to the professionals.

Once detached everything needs to be wrapped in moving blankets and loaded onto the truck. Once moved we put it back together again and make sure it is level.


How will you protect my valuable items and move them safely?

Not only do we have specialised equipment to ensure we move your items safely, we also have a wide range of trolleys, dollys, straps, tapes and moving blankets.

Our rubber-wheeled trolleys enable us to move heavy furniture throughout a house without damaging the walls, floor or furniture.

We also have a wide range of protective covers that provide additional protection during transportation.

Our truck is equipped with a hydraulic lift which helps move your items in and out of the truck easily and safely.

How long have you been in the removalists industry?

We have specialised in the piano and pool table removal business for over 60 years and have served a huge number of customers. A vast majority of our customers are from referrals which is a testament to the work we do.

What happens if my property gets damaged while it’s being moved?

We are fully insured and can lodge a claim within 24 hours of the damage being reported.

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“The best piano movers in Australia! Professional, always on time and friendly.”

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These guys have been moving my baby grand piano from place to place for 10 years!

“These guys have been moving my baby grand piano from place to place for 10 years now! Never has there been a problem with timing, care or service of any kind! So much better to get actual experts for my most prized piece of furniture”

Marie R.

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“Excellent service, they made a tight corner seem so easy to manoeuvre through, very friendly as well. I would recommend their services.”

Chenglin Q.

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“Fantastic service again! Quick, reliable and respectful. Would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys!”

Claudia M.

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